The Philosophy programme consists of a two-year certificate course with 60 credits.
It prepares the students for the Bachelor’s Degree Course in Theology.

Admission requirements

  1. Age Limit: Below 35 years
  2. All who seek admission to the Certificate course in Philosophy must have  obtained a secular Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent from a recognized university
  3. Applicants to the Certificate Course will have to pass an English test administered by Institute mater Dei at the beginning of the academic year. This test is designed to ascertain if the applicant has sufficient knowledge of English to follow the lectures and fulfill other academic requirements.

Courses (60 Credits)

  • Systematic Philosophy (30 Credits)
  • Indian Philosophy (10 Credits)
  • Social Sciences (8 Credits)
  • Optionals (4 Credits)
  • Seminar (4 credits)
  • Languages  (4 credits)

A credit is a unit of study equivalent to about 15 class-periods and a corresponding periods of personal work (30 hours in all).

 Examination and  Assessment

For every subject taught in the academic curriculum, will comprise an examination/assessment

Normally examination will be held at the end of every trimester.

Examination can be either in the oral or written form, or both, depending upon the choice of the professor concerned. Besides this, class performance, class presentation, written assignments, etc. may be considered for assessment.