Institute Mater Dei , Goa, is a symbol of women’s deep spiritual quest, a response of love to the divine call to follow Jesus Christ, and to grow unto His fullness (Eph 4:13). 
This call was both an invitation and a challenge to bring about a much needed renewal directed by Vatican II, to make religious life meaningful and relevant in the Church for the life of the world. 

It is a visible sign of growth of Institute Mater Dei (IMD), which has its origin in the building of historical Santa Monica Convent, Goa, in 1964 as a Sister-formation Centre.  IMD became a centre for renewal and theological formation of women religious, in answer to the directives of Vatican Council II.

The main purpose of the Academy is to facilitate the empowerment of women religious by enabling them to be deeply spiritual and at the same time critical thinkers.  To orient them into research activities with the perspective of consecrated life and gender to face the challenges of the changing times and involve themselves in the service of the Church and humanity.  The successful graduation of more than 70,000 women religious from India and other Asian countries during the past 56 years is indeed a matter of great joy and generates a new hope for the future.