The Arrival of Students

The time of Grace, a providential moment in 2023, dawned at IMD when 52 students from 13 States of India arrived between 7th to 9th June, illuming the corridors of the heritage building which holds the legacy and tradition of the presence of religious women since 450-500 years. Their vibrant presence is still a legacy to be cherished and nurtured.

Orientation Programme for the Students on 10th June: “Towards an Apostolic Mission of Christ,” theme of the Year was expounded by Fr. Patricio SJ, in 5 sessions.  It was an excellent experience as it enabled the students to gaze at a goal tha tis to be achieved during this one year programme.

Inaugural Eucharistic Celebration and Ceremony of the Academic year 2023-24

June 12th 2023 was historical land mark for IMD as this year began its 60th year of theological studies and religious formation. The theme of the year was “Towards and Apostolic Mission of Christ.”  The day was graced by the presence of His Eminence Filip Neri Cardinal Ferrão, Archbishop of Goa-Daman who graced the occasion at the inaugural Eucharistic celebration at 9. 30 am ushering in God’s bountiful presence upon all and blessing the academia of IMD with immense blessings. The Presence of NCRWI President Sr. Maria Nirmalini, Superior General of Apostolic Carmel and the Ex. Co. members added inspiration and fresh flavour to the occasion.

At 11 am, Sr. Jamesy CTC, the Coordinator of Academics graciously welcomed the esteemed gathering highlighting the preciousness of the moment as an excellent opportunity for women religious to be trained in Theology (Spirituality) and as Formators of the younger generation of Religious in India. Sr. Maria Nirmalini Ac, Sr. Tresa Kandalakunta JMJ, the IMD President, St. Delphinal Stella Baltazar, Ex.Co. Member delivered the messages.

Curricular & Co-curricular Programmes @ IMD

  1. Regular Classes were started on 13th Tuesday inclusive of classroom learning, assignments, exams, class presentation, are all means of nurturing interior depth and excellence in learning.
  2. Webinars

The IMD staff and students @ IMD were privileged to participate in the three days’ webinar organized by CRWI from 7th – 9th December 2023, addressing the issue “Renewing Spirits: A mental Health and Wellness Programm for religious sisters in association with the Department of Psychology, Christ University.

iii. Extension lectures

a). The first extension lecture of this year was launched on 25 September 2023, on “Constitutional Values in our day-to-day Living” by Rev. Fr. Mavrick, who serves as a Board member of  Non-Governmental Organizations, Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, and Committee for Urban Homeless, Government of Goa.

b). The second extension lecture of the year was commenced on 15th February 2024 on the issue: “Balancing the Intergenerational gap in Religious communities today.”  The resource person was Dr. Br. Paulraj, belonging to Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel.

  1. Essay Writing Competition
  2. a) 11 students participated in Zeitler Memorial Essay competition 2023 organized by Ishvani Kendra, Pune on the theme, “Impact of AI on the Church and Society: Advantages, Challenges and Ethical Considerations.
  3. b) 7 students participated in National Theology Essay Competition 2023 organized by CMI Samanvaya Theology College, Bhopal on the Theme: “Renewal of Theology: Preparing the People of God for Our Times. IMD is proud to announce that Sr. Rekha DSP won the first prize in this essay competition.

Orientation Programme for IMD Staff: Sr. Delphinal Stella Baltazar fmm, Ex.Co. member facilitated two days orientation for the staff on 25th and 26th Aug. 2023.

A Day Seminar for Women

11th November was dedicated to awareness building on the Empowerment process of Women and energize them to affirm their place of equality in the Church and society.

Seminar for women was a dream project of Institute Mater Dei. With immense delight we acknowledge that IMD initiated in its history for the first time a day programme for lay women, which was held on 11th November 2023 on the subject: Empowering Women for a Brighter Tomorrow. The Seminar was conceived in discussion with the Directorate of Social Welfare Goa.  There were forty-one participants.

Session I was on the Constitutional Rights by Fr. Mavrick Fernandes, Board member of NGO Organizations of Goa, State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Committee for Urban Homeless etc. He conscientized the participants on Constitutional Rights.

Session II:  Mr. Shashikant Narverkar, deputed by the Director of Social Welfare Directorate, Goa, presented various Schemes allotted for women from the Directorate of Social Welfare, Goa. The sessions enlightened all with better understanding of their social responsibility. The participants left with a renewed sense of empowerment and a shared commitment in building a brighter tomorrow for women in the community.

Symposium on Current Socio Political Scenario:  On 9th September IMD staff and students participated in the Symposium jointly organized by The All India Mission Seminary of Pillar and the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol on “The current Socio-Political Scenario in India: A Citizen’s Response.

The Annual Retreat: The annual retreat was held for IMD community from October 1st to 6th 2023 preached by Rev. Fr. Bobby Jose Kattikadu OFM, Cap. This interior journey of faith led the participants to rediscover their origin, purpose and ultimate goal to become another Christ. It was an invitation to be like flowing river to strive for holiness by expecting nothing but accepting everything that come on the way.

Every 2nd Saturday of the Month: Community Recollection and Sacrament of Reconciliation are held every second Saturday of the month

Pastoral Collaboration of IMD with Bom Jesu Basilica, Old Goa:  The Students of IMD are totally devoted and involved in the 9 days of Novena and the Feast of S. Francis Xavier.

Walking Pilgrimage: On 18th February, IMD staff and students devoted took part as part of their Lenten observance in Annual Walking Pilgrimage to Sancoale organized by the Arch Diocese of Goa. The pilgrimage concludes with the Eucharistic Celebration by His Eminance Philip Neri Cardinal Ferrão.  Sancoale.  The IMD community joined with the parishioners of Se Cathedral on 18th February 2024.

Prayer for Peace in Manipur: On June 11th IMD at 4.30 pm IMD community together with CRWI Executive Council members organized a prayer service on behalf of the suffering brethren at Manipur.  Sr. Nirmalini, Sr. Tresa, Sr. Stella, and Sr. Jamesy, delivered messages focusing the restoration of Peace and wellbeing of the shattered community torn by violent conflict in Manipur.

The Council for Social Justice and Peace and Conference of Religious India (CRI) Goa unit jointly organized a public gathering at Azad Maidan, Panaji on Saturday, 8th July 2023 to pray for Peace.  The whole faculty and students of IMD united with one heart and mind in reinforcing the value of Justice and Peace in our world to become a Reality.

Charism Sharing is a very enriching experience since the IMD Body becomes awakened to the different inspirations, challenges and the realities of the different Congregations and the inspirations of different Founding Charisms.

Exposure Programme: September-October of 2023 was a time to nurture the value of love for the deprived, destitute and the lost ones in society. IMD Students render their services to the inmates of Mother Teresa Old age home in Karmali and the Home for the Aged run by Margaritha sisters at Diwar.  This experience has awakened in them the need to focus attention on the most rejected persons of our society.


  • Independence Day

The 77th Independence Day and the Feast of Assumption was celebrated with meaningful prayer service.  Sr. Lissy Jose, the animator hoisted the flag. Patriotic song, dance, slogan, march past and diverse language messages by the students are all affirmed that it is proud to be an Indian.

  • Feast of Santa Monica

The feast of St. Monica, the patroness of IMD was celebrated with splendour.  The Holy Mass was offered in the main chapel of Santa Monica Convent, together with the neighbouring communities and some lay friends. A meaningful liturgy was prepared and the inspiring life of St. Monica was emphasised during the homily.  As the extension of our joy we shared the festal breakfast together.

  • Teacher’s Day Celebration

On 5th September the IMD students dedicate to express gratitude and appreciation for the invaluable contributions of all their teachers especially the residential staff who accompany them all throughout. The students expressed their heartfelt tributes and acknowledgements through meaningful prayer and liturgy, organized cultural programmes to honour the teachers, featuring speeches, performances and presentations that highlighted the profound impact of their work on the lives of the students.

Christmas Bells Ring: On 18th December the Nativity of Jesus Christ – Christmas was celebrated at IMD with great joy.  There was the symbolic prayer service followed by the Carol Singing and sharing the gifts to Christmas friends which fostered the joy and happiness of friendships.

Picnic & Day Out:

On 24. 02. 2024 was a unique day for IMD community to explore the historical places such as Reis Magos Fort and Agouda Fort.  It was a day of exploration, friendship and fondling the cherished memories.  Ina addition to this, both the disciplines had a day outing with respective directresses to Big Foot and Colwa beach. These moments were of special experience of joy and celebration.

Visitation of Hilton Foundation:  Hilton Foundation is a great support and Inspiration for Sisters Mission in India and around the globe.  On 16th March 2024, Sr. Jane Wakahiu, Associate Vice-President,   Programme Operations and Head of Catholic Sisters. She was accompanied by Ms. Sabrina Wong, Senior Programme Officer, Catholic Sisters Institute visited IMD. Together with CRWI Executive Council members, they had interactions with the Staff and students at IMD.  It was a moment of genuine exchange and deep connections with Sisterhood for the cause of God’s Kingdom. It added value to our mission and stirred new imagination to be creative.

Convocation/ Valedictory Function: On 19th March 2024 occurred the Valedictory Ceremony of 2023-2024 Batch of Diploma in Theology and Animation Programme for Formators.  It was soleminzed with the THANKSGIVING EUCHARISTIC CELEBRATION at 4.30 pm presided over by His Eminence Filip Neri Cardinal Ferrão, Archbishop of Goa-Daman.  Thereafter, Valedictory ceremony and Agape were hosted.  The dignitaries were welcomed by Sr. Lissy Jose SSps, animator of IMD. A holistic annual report was presented by Sr. Jamesy CTC, Coordinator of Academics.  Basing on the theme – Hearts on Fire and Feet on the Move, the students put up a beautiful dance-drama depicting all-inclusive aspects of one year formative/theological programme at IMD. The function was concluded with vote of thanks and IMD anthem.

One Month Biblical Programme for Religious and Laity:  One month Biblical course was organized by CRWI at IMD from 1st to 31st May.  The course was entitled: A Transformative Journey through the Scriptures.  It was a dream project for IMD and a first Initiative. 28 Participants enrolled their names and 24 of them could make it till the end. The Resource persons were renowned scholars, from various States of India. The Bible was studied thematically and theologically with in-depth understanding of the context and the contents. The feedback from the participants were very amazing as they extremely benefitted from the sessions as well as from the fellowship that flowed through a month’s togetherness at IMD. With deep satisfaction they could take home new insights, interpretations and transformative experience based on the Word of God.   Sr. Jamesy together with the staff of IMD, held an evaluation session and gathered the feedback and suggestions for the future.  The course was concluded with the distribution of Certificates.

Statistical Information for 2023-2024

  1. Overall Strength of the Students – 52
Discipline Total no. of the Students
Diploma in Animation Programme for Formators 21
Diploma in Theology 31
Total 52
  1. New appointments of the Residential Staff – 3

Dr. Sr. Paulcy PDDM, Dr. Sr. Litty K. George FCC, and Sr. Rufina Soreng DJ

  1. Supportive staff

Mr. Sen Abraham, Supervisor & Driver, Ms. Samata, Library Assistant, and Mr. Arun Joji,  Accountant

  1. Residential Staff

We had five residential staff for the academic year 2023-2024, belonging to five religious congregations who rendered their valuable services in various capacities.

Dr, Sr. Lissy Jose, SSpS (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology) Animator & Directress of Diploma in Animaton Programme for Formators
Dr. Sr. Jamesy CTC (Doctorate in Systematic Theology) Coordinator of Academics &  Treasurer
Dr. Sr. Paulcy PDDM (Doctorate in Biblical Theology) Registrar & Directress of Diploma in Theology
Dr. Sr. Litty George FCC (Doctorate in Spiritual Theology) Teaching Staff & Librarian
Sr. Rufina DJ (B A., Bed.) Mess Manager