On Sunday, 29th May 2022, Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao was named Cardinal by Pope Francis. He will be the first Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman to be elevated to the rank of a Cardinal.

In a statement signed by Fr. Barry Cardozo the Archdiocese said, “It is with great pride and joy that we would like to inform you that Archbishop Filipe Neri António Sebastião do Rosário Ferrão – Archbishop of Goa and Damão (India) has been chosen by Pope Francis to be made a Cardinal. Archbishop of Goa and Daman is one of the 21 Bishops to be chosen to be made Cardinals. The Vatican News website states that Pope Francis will hold a Consistory on Saturday 27 August for the creation of new cardinals.”

He added, “As we, the Church of Goa and well-wishers, convey our heartfelt felicitations to the new Cardinal, we pray that God may guide and help him in the new responsibility that he has received at the service of the Universal Church, as a close collaborator of Pope Francis.”

Vatican News had reported that at the conclusion of the Regina Coeli on Sunday, Pope Francis said that on August 27, he will hold a Consistory for the creation of the 21 new cardinals he named on Sunday.

He also said that he will meet during the next two days – on Monday and Tuesday, 29-30 August – with all the cardinals to reflect on the new Apostolic Constitution Praedicate Evangelium.

“On Saturday, 27 August, I will hold a Consistory for the creation of new Cardinals. Let us pray that they will help me in my mission as Bishop of Rome for the good of all God’s people,” Vatican News quoted the Pope as saying.

It further reported that the College of Cardinals currently consists of 208 Cardinals, of whom 117 are electors and 91 non-electors. As of 27 August, the number will grow to 229 Cardinals, of whom 131 will be electors.

Eight of the newly named Cardinals are from Europe, six from Asia, two from Africa, one from North America, and four from Central and Latin America. Archbishop Anthony Poola – Archbishop of Hyderabad is the other archbishop of India to be elevated as Cardinal.